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Nicaragua Sports, - Baseball is the national sport of Nicaragua. Baseball to Nicaragua is like soccer to Brazil. Children playing baseball with sticks and rolled-up balls is a common scene in Nicaragua and a baseball ground is a common feature in most communities. There are several professional baseball teams in Nicaragua and they have ardent followers. The Nicaraguans closely monitor Latin American and Unites States baseball league. Managua, the capital city, houses the largest baseball stadium in Nicaragua.

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Apart from baseball, the other most popular sports are volleyball, basketball, boxing and soccer. Nicaraguan teams participate in various events in the Olympics and Nicaraguan baseball team finished fourth in the Atlanta Olympics of 1996. The soccer craze of Latin American countries is missing in Nicaragua.

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The long coastline of Nicaragua provides the ideal stage for water sports. There has been a tremendous boost for sport fishing in the last decade. The number of people interested in sport fishing is increasing and several tour providers feature it regularly in their itinerary. Several companies provide sport fishing and related activities. April, May and October are the busiest months for sport fishing. Tarpon or silver king is the important catch.

Hiking, biking, horse riding, surfing and sailing are the other sports in Nicaragua. Hiking on a volcano along the pacific coast or Ometepe Island, can be a once in a lifetime adventure. Mountain biking or horse riding along the shadows of a volcanic mountain is a unique experience. Surfing many of Nicaragua’s deserted beaches all add to the list of active Sports open and ready for you to enjoy in Nicaragua.

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